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At Cooks & Company

Sub Zero are innovators of refrigeration, and Cooks & Co is thrilled to be the biggest Sub Zero supplier outside of North America. Browse our comprehensive selection today!



Unmatched build quality, patented food preservation features and a stunning aesthetic, Sub Zero refrigerators are the world’s finest. We have the largest range outside of North America.

Sub-Zero Refrigeration

Looking for a professional-standard refrigeration solution that is beloved of professional chefs and home cooking enthusiasts everywhere? Sub Zero’s refrigeration range ticks every box. Owned by the Bakke family for three generations, Sub Zero pionnered the very first sub-zero freezer. It’s passion for innovation is evident today in its refrigeration range.

With a patented Air Purification system so advanced it was originally built for NASA, and a Dual Compressor system which totally unique to the Sub Zero line, the refrigeration solutions in this range are truly best-in-class. Cutting-edge technology is blended perfectly with user-friendly features to create a fridge-freezer that preserves food, maximises flavour and minimises waste.

Sub-Zero Wine Coolers

The finest wines need to be nurtured, cared for and stored in the most controlled environments to keep them in prime condition – and there’s no better option that Sub Zero’s wine storage units. More than just a chiller, these preservation units utilise cutting-edge technology to protect your wine collection from light, heat, humidity and vibration. We’ll raise a glass to that!

Sub-Zero PRO48

Call off the search – the world’s best fridge-freezer has been found. The Sub Zero PRO48 has, time and again, been voted the planet’s finest refrigeration solution, and we’ve got it in stock right here at Cooks & Co.

This iconic American product is as rugged as they come. Colossal in size and with seemingly endless space within, this fridge is as much a favourite in commercial kitchen as it is around the home. And with each and every item tested for a minimum of six hours before it’s released to a supplier, you can guarantee that your PRO48 has already been put through its paced before it arrives on your doorstep.

Clean-air filtration and internal filtered water dispensers.

Sub Zero’s comprehensive range of built-in refrigerators come with a multitude of features designed to keep food fresh, but none more important than the integrate air filtration system. Based on NASA technology, this anti-microbial air-purification technology removes ethylene gas from the air, reducing the risk of spoilage and keeping food fresh and flavoursome for longer.

Water filtration systems are also readily available in Sub Zero’s range. With filters designed to last as long as one year, the low-maintenance water filtration system removes chemical pollutants and other bacteria from water, for a crystal-clear result every time.

New Generation Integrated

2014 heralded the launch of Sub-Zero and Wolf’s New Generation appliances – integrated refrigeration solutions, wine coolers, cooktops, ventilation systems, convection steam ovens and even a coffee machine are packed into the range which fulfils every demand you could ever have of a kitchen appliance. Browse this ground-breaking, luxurious and highly sought-after selection of cooking appliances and refrigeration solutions today.