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Who are we

Cooks Appliance Centre Ltd (t/a Cooks & Company) is a limited company registered in England and Wales with the registration number of 04043156. Our registered office address is Cook House,
Brunel Drive,
NG24 2FB

This page is designed to give you information on how we use the data you provide in communication with us

This privacy policy is subject to change. The last update to this policy was 18/05/2018

How We Use Your Information

We only collect, keep or share your information for Genuine Business Reasons when you have provided us permission to do so, or We are Required to by Law

Some Genuine Business Reason Examples

  • Processing of orders online and offline
  • Contacting you to arrange delivery
  • To make our website function properly
  • To contact you regarding offers or news via email, telephone, letter or SMS
  • For crime prevention

When We Contact You

We may contact you to arrange delivery and may offer other services that relate to your purchase.

We would like to stay in contact with you. We would like to be able to send you offers, news and promotions via email and text message. You are able to unsubscribe at any time. Once you click the unsubscribe link you will not receive any marketing emails or SMS text messages from us from that point onward.

You will still receive emails and phone calls regarding you purchase such as a request for reviews, booking of delivery or customer service.

When You Contact Us

We record our phone calls for reference and training purposes. We keep copies of email that are sent from you to us and from us to you. This is done to resolve any problems and answer any queries quickly and efficiently

Information We Share

We don't share information with any third parties except:

  • Where we are obliged to do so such as a legal request
  • Where we have to work with 3rd party service providers such as a delivery or courier service
  • Our website & IT support providers
  • Liaising with product manufacturers on your behalf

Our providers are only provided with the information needed to perform the service required on our behalf. They cannot use this information for any other purpose.

We don't sell or trade your information with other entity and always comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 as well as any other relevant legislation

Transfers To Third Party Countries

Your data may be transmitted outside of the European Economic Area an example being email routed via servers in the USA.


Cookies are small text files used to transfer information. Site functionality cookies allow you to navigate the site and use our features. When you return to the site we’ll be able to remember the products you’ve compared or added to your basket.
Cookies also enable us to show adverts relevant to you when you’re browsing online, for example, deals or products you’ve looked at.

Analytics cookies help us to learn where we’re going wrong, and which elements of the site you find easier to use. We’ll track the volume of people on our site, where they click, and where they exit the site.


We use reCAPTCHA to verify that you are a real person and as such some details are shared with Google

please see their Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service 

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