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Everhot 150+ Cast Iron Range Cooker



Dive into an unparalleled culinary experience with the Everhot 150+. Merging cutting-edge functionality with age-old craftsmanship, this expansive range cooker is not just a kitchen appliance but an ode to modern culinary elegance that resonates deeply with both tradition and innovation.

Contemporary Elegance: The Everhot 150+ is a visual masterpiece, encapsulating a design that bridges the classic charm of yesteryears with today’s modern finesse. Its diverse color palette lets you tailor its grandeur to your home's unique style.

Masterful Cooking: Triple ovens, an extensive grill, and responsive hotplates ensure the 150+ is versatile enough for any culinary challenge. Whether you're hosting a grand feast or a cozy dinner, your dishes are guaranteed perfection.

Sustainability at its Core: The Everhot 150+ takes a green stride into the future. With advanced energy-saving features, it optimizes consumption, ensuring that your culinary brilliance is eco-conscious.

Unrivaled Features: A blend of tactile dials and advanced systems makes the 150+ a joy to operate. Its adaptive venting, discreet warming sections, and innovative controls mean every cooking session becomes a delightful adventure.

Legacy of Durability: Constructed with premium-grade materials, the Everhot 150+ is a testament to longevity. Stainless steel coupled with sturdy cast iron ensures this cooker stands as a beacon of style and functionality for generations.

Space Beyond Limits: With the Everhot 150+, space is never a constraint. Its built-in storage solutions are a haven for your kitchen essentials, ensuring everything has its place, leaving your culinary workspace pristine and organized.

With the Everhot 150+, redefine what's possible in your kitchen. It’s more than a cooker—it's a statement, a commitment to exquisite meals, and timeless memories. Make it the centerpiece of your culinary dreams today.

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