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Liebherr Premium Kitchen Specialist Range

Liebherr has specialised in the production of innovative, premium quality fridges and freezers for over 60 years. From initial product design and through all the development stages, and then from production through to marketing, their goal is to consistently offer cutting-edge products that are characterised by timeless and elegant design. In this process, they constantly implement new product ideas that ensure long term fresh food storage. Quality fresh food storage: BioFresh Liebherr’s BioFresh technology preserves fresh food for longer. Stored in the 'BioFresh Approved Quality' prior to packaging, every appliance is subject to a comprehensive quality.
  • Monolith Refrigeration

    All Liebherr columns refrigerators are the perfect combination between impressive design and food preservation technology.
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  • PowerCooling: An Idea That's Sending Chills Through the Entire Industry

    Who says you can’t store milk in the door? With the high performance PowerCooling system, cold air circulates also behind the door. Which means items stored in the door stay just as cold as everything else in the refrigerator.
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  • BioFresh-Plus: An Idea so Ahead of Its Time, It's Still Fresh Two Decades Later

    The BioFresh system features 3 drawers with independent climate controls, so you can create a high humidity HydroSafe environment for fruits and veggies in one drawer, and a low humidity DrySafe for meats and cheeses and a third drawer another capable of temperatures as low as 28 º F
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Integrated Side-by-Side Food Storage Centres

  • LED Light Columns

    LED Light Columns are integrated on one or both sides of the fridge compartment to uniformly illuminate the interior. The light gradually gets brighter when the door is open. The satin finish on the light unit creates elegant lighting the LED light columns also enable you to position the glass shelves at your convenience.
  • GlassLine

    Made from safety glass the stylish GlassLine fittings add the finishing touches to the high quality interior design. These satin finished glass shelves with premium quality stainless steel edging, are scratch resistant and easy to clean. The split glass shelf offers outstanding flexibility.
  • BioFresh

    Long term food storage has a name: BioFresh BioFresh is Liebherr’s technology that makes food last longer and preserves food quality. At a precise temperature of just over 0°C combined with the ideal humidity, many foods retain their healthy qualities, such as vitamins and minerals, for far longer than in a conventional fridge compartment.
  • SoftTelescopic

    Premium BioFresh appliances have fully extendable BioFresh-safe featuring SoftTelescopic a self-retraction mechanism with soft-closing, for practical, reliable and convenient use. The drawers can be fully extended and completely removed from a door opening angle of 90 degrees.
  • NoFrost

    With NoFrost chilled circulating air freezes the food and any moisture is expelled which keeps the freezer compartment ice-free at all times and prevents foods from frosting over.

Liebherr Wine Fridges

  • A good wine can only develop into a truly fine wine, and retain its quality long-term, under perfect conditions. Liebherr’s wine storage cabinets and multi-temperature wine cabinets are the perfect answer. Using the most advanced climate technology, they create the perfect conditions needed for wines to quietly mature and develop their flavour to the full. Fitted with cutting edge electronics, expedient compressors and many specially designed features (such as an activated charcoal filter and insulated, UV-resistant glass doors), these appliances are tailor-made for winestorage.
  • Wooden Shelves Mounted on Telescopic Rails

    Made from untreated wood, the Vinidor appliances are ideal for storing Bordeaux bottles safely.
  • TipOpen Technology

    TipOpen Technology opens the door when tapped and, if the door is not opened further within three seconds, the soft-closing system will shut it again.
  • SoftSystem

    The SoftSystem ensures that the door closes gently. The door automatically closes from an angle of approximately 30 degrees.

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