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2023 Luxury Kitchen Trends That Are Growing in Popularity

Kitchens are so many things beyond a place where food is prepared and cooked – they take on a meaning depending on who uses them; they’re a place for joy and creativity or a space to connect with those you love. At a time when many of us are investing more in our homes, it’s no surprise that luxury kitchen trends are becoming more about creating social interaction and experiences.

If a luxury kitchen transformation is on your to-do list this spring, you’ll want to start gathering inspiration.  Here are a few 2023 luxury kitchen trends that are growing in popularity.

Smart Kitchens

We’re seeing technology becoming increasingly integrated into the kitchen. High-end kitchen appliances can now be connected to the internet, meaning you get more time to relax with friends and family and let tech tackle some of the work.

● Refrigerators – Fridges can sync with a supermarket delivery service, remind you when food is running low, and connect to a recipe database for meal inspiration. 
● Ovens – You can remotely preheat or adjust the temperature and even control the cooking time. 
● Dishwashers – Programme your dishwasher to run during off-peak hours or when you’re away from home. 
● Microwaves – Programme your microwave to cook food to a desired temperature or even determine the cooking time based on the weight and type of food. 
● Coffee machines – Programme your machine to brew a cup of coffee at a specified time or even adjust the strength. Just imagine that perfectly piping hot coffee ready as soon as your guests have finished that last spoonful of dessert.

Dark blue Charles Yorke coffee station within traditional pantry with Quooker tap and la pavoni coffee machine.
Boiling water tap, the essential kitchen appliance: Quooker tap- Elston Pantry.

And let’s not forget about time-savers such as the Quooker taps. Not only are they convenient, but they’re eye-catching and stylish. And how about in-counter wine coolers too?

Kaelo in counter wine cooler.

Surprise Storage Solutions

Pocket door pantry in a contemporary dark Charles Yorke kitchen, with oak spice racks, pull our chopping boards and trays.
Cooks and Company Oakham kitchen with pocket door pantry.
Pop up gin bar finished in a dark stained slab wood door and stunning neutral worktop.
Our pop-up bar creates extra storage space and a talking point - Bingham Bar.

When installing a luxury kitchen, you can work clever storage solutions into your design. There’s a growing trend for efficient and organised storage, such as hidden pantries equipped with pull-out chopping boards, spice racks and tiered shelving. They’re a stylish solution for staying on top of everyday clutter that a working kitchen often creates.

In is the new out, and we’re seeing more and more bars built into luxury kitchens. Go wild and full-size, or opt for a small but expertly crafted pop-up bar. The ultimate luxury, bars can be designed to include custom wine storage, countertops, and seating, making them a wonderful way to wow friends and family while maintaining practicality.

Pop up gin bar framed by beautiful fretwork.
Bingham Bar with stunning fretwork framing the pop up gin bar.

Neutral and Natural

Luxury home bar with banquette in burnt orange upholstery to match the copper veins in the stunning orinoco worktop.
Bingham Bar with burnt orange upholstery complimenting the worktops.
Beautiful neutral classic kitchen finished in Frecnh Grey with traditional features, belfast sink, mantle, antique mirror splash back.
Cooks and Company open-plan Cook House neutral kitchen combines style and practicality.

Natural materials like stone, wood, and concrete are becoming popular in luxury kitchens, providing warmth, grace and elegance. Honeyed tones and golden palettes are creating a buzz on the interior design scene.

Bold and Beautiful

Classic englemere kitchen in deep green with banquette seating integrated into the island. Sub zero and wolf appliances in this kitchen add to the luxury aesthetic.
Cooks and Company traditional Englemere kitchen in Rich Green.

Whilst we’re seeing a surge in popularity for neutral and natural kitchens, there’s also a growing trend for bold and beautiful décor. We’re decorating our spaces so that people relish spending time in them. Our self-expression is now extending beyond lounges and bedrooms into our kitchens. The utilitarian kitchens we were used to seeing are now a thing of the past, with dark blue and green cabinetry popular search
terms on Pinterest.

Open and Airy

Soft grey kitchen with large island for seating, storage and housing appliances.
From storage to seating, this kitchen island has been carefully considered to serve various purposes.

Open-plan rooms are a result of a big push on blended social space. The only issue with this is that people need to compromise countertops for floor space. One way you can overcome this is by investing in a kitchen island. They’re easy for people to perch at whilst socialising, and you don’t miss out on prep space.

Contemporary luxury kitchen with dark stained Irish oak open shelving with dramatic Italian Mable across the back wall, work surface and island.
Introduce open shelving to showcase accessories that complement your luxury kitchen - Twickenham kitchen.

Open shelving is also becoming increasingly popular; they allow for an airier feel with space to show off your prized belongings and personality, making a real feature of your kitchen storage.

Worktops are Making a Comeback

Kitchen detail, close up of waterfall kitchen island in the stunning black beauty granite, heavily veined black and white surface.
Cooks and Company Oakham kitchen with waterfall island.

Countertops can blend into your kitchen or make a showstopping statement. Timeless marble and dramatic granite are becoming increasingly popular because of their beauty and durability. Waterfall countertops (where the countertop material drapes over the edge of the counter) make a comeback because they add an air of luxury while creating an impact.

Stunning waterfall kitchen island and Sub-Zero wine unit and refrigeration, criss coss wine storage above the wine unit.
Cooks and Company Oakham kitchen with waterfall island in Black Beauty.

Light up Your Life

Charles yorke oakham kitchen using the simple valencia slab door, large waterfall island, pocket door pantry, sub zero and miele appliances.
Cooks and Company Oakham kitchen using simplistic pendant lighting.

Ramp up the glamour and drama by choosing your lighting carefully. Think task, ambient and accent to make your kitchen a multi-purpose space in low light. Factor in different lighting levels, such as ceiling, side lamps, and floor lamps, to create a cosy atmosphere. And don’t forget to think about the hue of your lightbulbs too. Choose warm white if you’re going for a welcoming ambience or icy blue if you’re aiming for sleek and contemporary.

Burnt orange upholstered banquette seating area to match the dramatic orinoco copper and white vined worktop. Open tabcoo stained shelving above for home decor.
Cooks and Company Bingham bar with Dowsing & Reynolds lighting.

Yes, we’re all about detail at Cooks & Company, right down to the colour of the lightbulbs. If you’re investing in luxury this year, choose a kitchen design and installation company that appreciates the finer detail and understands how important a kitchen is to the inner workings of your home. Let’s have a conversation today.


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