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Introducing Quooker – the high-end boiling-water tap that kickstarted a revolution in the kitchen when it created the first tap of its kind almost half a century ago. Browse our vast collection today.

Quooker Flex

Quooker Flex

The Boiling Water Tap With A Flexible Pull Out Hose

The Flex is the latest innovation from Quooker. A boiling-water tap, equipped with a flexible pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered cold water. This makes it very easy to rinse and clean at any point in the sink. Next to this convenient pull out hose, the Quooker Flex tap offers the same advantages as the familiar Quooker.

Quooker Classic Nordic & Fusion

A new timeless classic that will look at home in every country style kitchen. The classic range offers all the same advantages as the familiar Quooker and is available in a new square and round Classic Fusion all in one tap and a new square and round Nordic Classic single tap.

Fusion Square

Say goodbye to switching on the kettle every time you need boiling hot water. Quooker’s Nordic Fusion Square delivers 100-degree water instantly, and its quirky, stylistic square design will enhance your kitchen’s aesthetic to no end.

With a childproof double push-and-turn handle and an insulated spout for safety, the Nordic Fusion Square mixer tap system has already become an essential in thousands of homes. Get yours today!


Fusion Round

With all of the exciting features of the aforementioned Square model, the Quooker Nordic Fusion Round delivers boiling and cold water from a soft, curving spout that makes a real style statement in the kitchen.

Perfect for commercial or domestic environments alike, Quooker’s reputation for quality is evident in the stunning polished or brushed chrome aesthetic, as well as the cutting-edge technology that delivers 100-degree water on demand.

Nordic Round

For instant hot water on demand, delivered from a gently curving round spout that adds a touch of sophistication to any kitchen sink, look no further than Quooker’s Nordic Round tap.

Childproof features help to keep little hands away from this individual boiling tap, and as with all Quooker products, the system is built to last. Available in polished or brushed chrome, this boiling tap will change your kitchen forever.


Twin Tap

Give your kitchen a dash of symmetry with a set of twin taps from the experts at Quooker. With mixer taps, boiling taps and soap dispensers available, Quooker has everything you could need to boost the functionality of your home or commercial kitchen.

Available in brushed or polished chrome, your Quooker mixer and boiling taps will offer a stylish focal point in the kitchen, while practical features like a double push-and-turn childproof handle and an insulated spout help to keep everyone safe. Shop the collection today!


From a single tank, the Combi revolutionises the flow of hot water through the home. It delivers instant hot and boiling water on demand, delivering incredible efficiency, total convenience and an environmentally-friendly reduction in water useage.