Novy 7552 Mood Black Quiet Cooker Hood
Novy 693 Telescopic Glass Stainless Steel Silent Cooker Hood

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Quiet Cooker Hoods By Novy

Novy are famous for their quiet cooker hoods and rightfully so with the ultimate hood designed for silence. They have been constructed in a way that makes it super quiet, virtually silent when in operation.

To meet the needs of modern kitchen Novy has its own philosophy: design, ease of use, durability, and – SILENCE. The first Novy cooker hoods were made in 1965. Even then, Novy distinguished itself by the quality of its cooker hoods and the innovation in models and technology. From the very early stages, we pursued the highest possible extraction efficiency

novy 230 cloud black extractor

Novy For The Life Of Your Kitchen

Novy cooker hoods are developed to have the same lifespan as your kitchen. That’s why no concessions are made on the quality of raw material and other supplies needed for production: from the stainless steel to the motor, all elements make a Novy cooker hood the superior product that it is.

The kitchen is more than ever a living space . It has became a central space in the house. The silence offered by Novy cooker hoods gives you a place to relax, talk, taste and smell. In short; the kitchen is a place to enjoy.

The Sound Of Silence

When developing a new cooker hood the quietness and silence is the central theme at Novy. Choices in design and technology are focussed to find the right result: a silent cooker hood. The special silencer absorbs the motor and vibration sounds to a minimum.

The high and medium frequencies, experienced by the human ear as irritating, are reduced to an utmost minimum. In addition, the double-walled bottom plate ensures further sound insulation.

OFYR Classic

Efficient Removal of Odours and Grease

Because of the unique technique of peripheral extraction, the cooking fumes are extracted at the borders.It creates an efficient exhaust of the fumes over the compleet cooking surface.
The grease filter in a Novy cooker hood filters  the grease out of the fumes very efficiently.

In case of recirculation an extra filter (Monoblock filter) is added to filter the fumes from odours.

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Novy Panorama, cooker hood and hob in one that adapts to your lifestyle.

At Novy, we push our boundaries and go a step further with Panorama. This cooker hood and hob in one not only has a clean and timeless design, but with its technical ingenuity, it also adapts to your lifestyle.