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Alderline Alder Wood Pure Charcoal 50L



Alderline Alder Wood Pure Charcoal 50L

For more seriously BBQ enthusiasts
4+ good family barbecues or parties

Alderline Charcoal is made using only white alder wood from European forests. White alder grows very fast and everywhere. Before produced as lumpwood charcoal it has been naturally dried. It is a forest bush, therefore, producing our charcoal we are cleaning the forests not destroying them and we help the local hosts clean the forests as well.

1. 100% Natural And Organic Product.

Their charcoal comes from white alder. It is pure wood, which is produced by slow pyrolysis – heating of the wood in the absence of oxygen.

2. Pure From Tar And Toxins.

In their producing process, they get rid of tar and all toxins. So you can enjoy a healthy and excellent meal. They don’t use fire-retardant chemicals (because they don’t need to), so you can feel only the purest taste in your meal with the best charcoal flavour.

3. Ignites Extremely Well And Fast.

They've heated out of the charcoal almost all moisture content so you can ignite it without any struggle. Take just a piece of paper and charcoal will catch the fire without any problems. And while charcoal heats up – you can season and prepare your favourite meal! Better be prepare early, because charcoal will be glowing red fast!

4. Restaurant Size And Quality Lump Charcoal.

To make long-lasting and evenly burning cooking process they have separated big lumps from small pieces. 90% of their bag content is 5-20cm lumps. So your grill will be fulfilled with less charcoal and airflow between them will be better, and again - it will be easier to ignite.

5. Smokeless And Odourless Charcoal.

Why most of the charcoal makes smokes? Because they are not heated evenly. In the middle, there is wood which is burning and therefore, makes smoke and flames. Lower fixed carbon content makes it smoke during cooking as well. So, they have a solution – Alderline Charcoal, which doesn’t make smoke and odour! Just gives the purest charcoal taste.

6. Why Litres?

Do you care how many kg there are in a charcoal bag when you buy it? – Of course! But when you pour charcoal in the grill, do you care how many kgs there are? – No! Because the only thing you care is how you can fulfil your grill better. That’s why they sell in litres, because they want you to get the best amount of product what to pour in the grill not weight.

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