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Girse Outdoor Fireplace & BBQ

Girse Outdoor Fireplace & BBQ 

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Girse Outdoor Fire Place

Outdoor Fireplace

This outdoor fireplace and BBQ from Girse is the ideal way take full advantage of your outdoor space late in the evenings and in to the colder months.  With a thick lining of vermiculite fire bricks, the fireplace directs the heat very effectively forwards and outwards – up to 5m away.

BBQ Cooking System

A robust stainless steel barbecue grill is available. The grill simply hinges on the frame at one of four different heights and to make things more interesting, a wide range of very stylish cooking accessories are also available which are mounted in exactly the same way.

Handmade In Germany

The Girse Outdoor Fireplace and BBQ is a handmade in Germany by skilled artisan metal workers working with the very best stainless steel available to bring you the ultimate in outdoor fireplace and outdoor barbecue cooking. 

Available in 3 heights

Type 1 - 195cm

Type 2 - 225cm

Type 3 - 265cm

three heights of the Girse Outdoor fireplace and Barbecue

Available in 3 Colours

Outdoor Fireplace Colours Girse




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