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Introducing Norcool – the original corner fridge. For a unique and original way to keep food refrigerated, browse the collection today.


Cooling Units

Browse our full collection of Norcool cooling units – superior cooling at a reasonable price. With more than thirty years in the industry, the team at Norcool have perfected the art of cooling – and now you can enjoy the fruits of their labour in your own home.

These units are positioned within a wall cavity or a recess. They sit between the cold room and the room where the warm side of the unit will be placed, and with a variety of sizes and options to choose from, contact our team for more assistance choosing the right model.

Cooling Drawers

Beloved of foodies everywhere, the Norcool cooling drawer offers total ease of access and can be installed underneath kitchen worktops to free up valuable space for food preparation.

An ideal solution for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility, the cooling drawer helps to keep refrigerated food accessible at all times, while ensuring that salads stay crisp, fruit and vegetables stay fresh and meat remains in prime condition for longer.

Wine Cooler

Designed specifically for integration into modern kitchens, these stylish wine coolers protect precious vintages from heat, light and all of the elements that can ruin a good wine. UV protection and two separate temperature zones help ensure every bottle is chilled to the level you choose.

With a multitude of niche size options not available elsewhere, these refrigerated wine cabinets can slot perfectly into any small recess – perfect for the stylish, contemporary kitchen.

Corner Fridges

The flagship product of the Norcool collection is their spacious, original and unique corner fridge unit – still one of the only models on the market.

The colossal fridge holds the equivalent of up to five normal-sized fridges, and can be purchased as a freestanding fridge or integrated as part of the rest of your kitchen. Low energy use and a stylish, contemporary finish make the Norcool cooler fridge a must-have for domestic and commercial environments alike.