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Miele Generation 7000

Miele with its new Generation 7000 range of appliances are showing that there is no limit to how far you can push excellence. The Miele generation 7000, with its pioneering technology and Miele’s obsessive craftsmanship and sublime design. The Generation 7000 has set a new benchmark as to what’s possible.

Going Beyond The Ordinary

With Generation 7000 Miele introduce 353 new products with exclusive technology, enhanced connectivity and clear, intuitive user interfaces.

More innovations than ever before

By putting the user experience first, Miele inspires creativity and makes consistently outstanding results simple.

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Award Winning Design By Miele

Award-Winning Design By Miele – 4 Design Lines, 3 Colour Worlds

 Horizontal lines, Glass, Distinctive.

Minimalist, Handleless, Perfect Integration.


Classical, Steel, Functional

Colour Worlds

Brilliant White

Graphite Grey

Obsidian Black


An oven door that opens by itself. Appliances that react to you. A hob that retains a pan’s heat setting regardless of where it’s moved. There are just some of Miele’s world-first innovations in the Generation 7000 range. All created to make everything in the kitchen as seamless, effortless and flawless as possible.


Food View

Now it’s possible to check up on food anytime, anywhere thanks to the internal camera and the Miele@Mobile app. Temperature and cooking time can even be adjusted from a tablet or smart phone.



Taste Control

Overbaking and overcooking is a thing of the past. At the end of the cooking cycle, the door opens automatically, rapidly cooling the oven. A maintenance temperature can be set so that food stays warm or meat can rest.




Thanks to motion detecting technology, Miele’s appliances can now react to people’s movements: oven lights and displays turn on and end-of-cycle signals automatically switch off when someone approaches.

Full Surface Induction

Wherever a pot or pan is moved on the full-surface induction hob, its heat setting is retained thanks to SmartSelect.

That means much more freedom and flexibility when cooking a meal with multiple elements.


Introducing Miele’s most powerful steam oven to date. DualSteam seals in flavour and nutrients fast and also maintains extremely uniform temperature and humidity throughout the oven. It’s so uniform, settings can be increased to one degree increments and sous vide cooking is possible.

Miele Range Cookers

Miele’s 36 inch (93 cm) and 48 inch (122 cm) wide Range appliances are designed to fit in any kitchen. With its unique 3-door concept the 48 inch Range appliance is equipped with a top of the range M Touch microwave combination oven, an M Touch oven and a Gourmet warming drawer.

Miele Dishwashers

Miele Dishwashers Freestanding , Semi and Fully Integrated