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Lacanche range cookers are the home cooks ultimate dream – a 100% bespoke range cooker service with an incredible rustic feel hailing from its French heritage. Discuss the full collection today with Cooks & Company on: 01636 593 919


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Most Popular Lacanche Ranges Cooker Models


Build the range cooker of your dreams from the ground up, with bespoke colour and size options and a multitude of exciting features to be included. Why not visit our showroom?  We have live working models on display including a Provence Yellow Citeaux which is simply stunning! We really believe in the Lacanche brand, so much so our Managing Director Peter has cooked on one at home for the last 12 years


One of the most exciting things about choosing a Lacanche range cooker is personalising the colour scheme. Renowned for its stunning palette of enamel colours, the Lacanche cooker can offer a show-stopping focal point to any kitchen – totally personalised and beautifully finished.

Metallic finishes are also available for those that prefer contemporary style to rustic elegance. From solid brass to chrome, nickel and stainless steel, the Lacanche collection has something for everyone.

Your Personal Touch

Choose from as many as five ovens, a versatile collection of different hobs and a fantastic array of extra features to create the range of your dreams. Create your ideal blend of gas, electric and induction components, and add storage drawers, warming trays, grills and hot places as necessary.

The beauty of Lacanche range cookers is that everything is built exactly to your specification. Your culinary demands will be met and exceeded with this stunning, rustic collection that will act as the beating heart of the home.

lacanche multi

Choice of Hobs

Every cook has their quirks and the Lacanche collection caters to these individuals with a multitude of hob options. And with most Lacanche cookers over a metre wide, there’s plenty of space for all the hobs you want. The classic, open hob option, the traditional hot plate over a burner and the more modern induction style are all available, with plenty of power and control no matter your preferred cooking technique.


Extraction Units

With so many delicious smells emanating from your Lacanche range cooker, you’ll need a quality extraction unit to match. Range cooking is also renowned for generating lots of steam and heat making a powerful extraction unit essential. Choose from discreet built-in extraction systems or stylish modern hoods, with options to suit all tastes – a concept which sits at the heart of the entire Lacanche collection.