Voluta La Castellamonte Ceramic Wood Burning Stove

Voluta is a very classic, rectangular stove, which can be inserted in any room. Equal to the Amabile and Liberty stove, but with a hand-decorated tile. It is inspired by periods of great decorative impact, such as Liberty or Deco. The second, third and fourth size can be equipped with a Great Fire door and fireplace, for greater output and autonomy.


Nominal heat output *kW77,5910,5
Min. and max heat outputkW3 - 84 - 94 -105 - 12
Heatable volume (Isol. Legge 10/91) **m385 - 230100 - 260100 - 280 140 - 340
Carbon monoxide emissions % CO 13% O2%0,070,10,090,17
Polveri 13% O2mg/Nm3-24--
Wood consumptionKg/h2,162,22,73
Smoke temperature°C274204224196
Smoke exit diametercm15151515
Total weightKg260300330360
Dimensions ( W x D x H )cm51 x 60 x 9551 x 60 x 12051 x 60 x 14351 x 60 x 166