Onda La Castellamonte Ceramic Wood Burning Stove

The waving of the flames on the wood chips inspired the shape of this pretty stove, which recalls in the name the movement of its base and its walls.
The upper cupola accentuates the rounded shapes that characterize this small stove. It is equipped with Great Fire door, to facilitate the introduction of wood.


Sizes 2° con forno
Nominal heat output *kW676
Min. and max heat outputkW3 - 73 - 83 - 7
Heatable volume (Isol. Legge 10/91) **m385 - 20085 - 23085 - 200
Carbon monoxide emissions % CO 13% O2%0,060,060,06
Dust 13% O2mg/Nm3303030
Wood consumptionKg/h1,82,11,8
Smoke temperature°C250253250
Smoke exit diametercm121212
Total weightKg170215230
Dimensions ( W x D x H )cm54 x 49 x 10854 x 49 x 13054 x 49 x 130