The New Design Of KitchenAids Medium Domestic Appliances

Kitchenaid Ovens and Microwaves

Fill your kitchen with delicious aromas with our ovens and microwaves. Choose a built-in multifunction oven and cook with steam, steam-assisted or convection. All are our ovens are inspired by chefs with special functions and sous-chef options.

Kitchenaid Chef FunctionYou’ll benefit from our years of partnerships with professional chefs. Create delicious meals more easily with automatic programs, sous-chef options and special functions.

Elegant and functional. With LED displays see everything you need to know at a glance and make adjustments by pressing or sliding.

Kitchenaid touchable Textures

Beautiful and practical, every oven is designed with the senses in mind. Cool-touch areas, soft-close doors and easy-to-clean surfaces mean you can feel the quality.

Kitchenaid Refrigeration

Chill out with a refrigerator or freezer that makes life easy. Fast cooling and temperature control preserve your precious ingredients with the latest technology. You have plenty of room with large capacity fridges and surprising touches like seasoned oak.


Turn up the heat with a Kitchenaid induction hob or gas hob. Enjoy the latest induction hob technology with dynamic zones, French Plaque and sous-chef functions for kitchen hob cooking. Kitchenaid hob gas burners give instant heat to melt, simmer, boil and fry!

Kitchenaid Hoods

Cook up a storm without worrying about steam, fumes, grease or odours. Explore cooker hoods which are efficient and easy to clean. Fit any space with downdraft, wall, island or integrated hood models and keep air flowing with outstanding extraction power.

Kitchenaid Dishwashers

Low on energy, big on shine. Explore the Kitchenaid range of  integrated dishwashers for efficient washing up with eco cycle and fast cycle options for less energy. Fill up that flexible space and then switch them on for quiet dishwasher cleaning with gleaming results.

Kitchenaid Special Products

Be inspired by professional chefs! Upgrade your kitchen with Kitchenaid’s ingenious domestic appliances for passionate makers. There’s a popular warming drawer, vacuum cooking machine and built-in coffee machines that fit seamlessly into your home environment.

Kitchenaid Small Appliances

From hand blenders to food processors Kitchenaid are synomus with small domestic appliances. Known for the  build quality and outstanding design features you can be sure that Kitchenaid has a product to suit your needs