Miele Cashback & 5 Year Warranty Promotion

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Miele Warranty and cashback£75 Cashback from April 1st – September 30th on discovery models:

  • KFN 28132 D      wh
  • KFN 28132 D      clst
  • KFN 29042 D      wh (Disc April 2018)
  • KFN 29142 D      wh (Avail April 2018)
  • KFN 29142 D      clst (Avail April 2018)
  • KFN 29132 D      wh
  • KFN 29132 D      clst

Food Freshness Campaign

5 Year Warranty from April 1st – September 30th on reference and above:

  • KFN 29233 D      clst (Which? Best Buy 2017)
  • KFN 29243 D      clst
  • KFN 29233 D      Blackboard (Which? Best Buy 2017)
  • KFN 29483 D      clst (Disc April 2018)
  • KFN 29493 DE    clst (Avail April 2018)

Redemption will be via the promotions tab on the Miele website.

AGA Demonstration Days!

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We are hosting an AGA demonstration day, over 3 days. We will be showing you the latest models we have in store with live cooking demonstrations from AGA representatives. With our brand new showroom you can browse not only the cookers but also the latest accessories available from the Aga cook store. There is a cost per person for the demonstration, please call for more details.

If you would like to be part of this day and hear more about the fantastic Aga Rangecookers, please contact us for more information. A day you can not miss!

The following dates are:

  • September 9th
  • November 4th
  • December 2nd

Please call for more information