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Cooks & Company are pleased to  supply Castellamonte Stack Stoves 

Stack is the line of stoves born from the cooperation between La Castellamonte and Adriano Design. An innovative line of stoves, able to combine the technological aspects of combustion optimization, from time achieved by La Castellamonte. Research and development  started in the 1990’s on all their products – with a design specifically conceived by Adriano Design and based on modular components.
Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of ceramic stoves through a contemporary form, in accordance with new housing needs. Its modular structure allows an easy adaptation to every energy need in every living space.

Stack Stoves Tech Info

Stack Stove Line Drawing

Round Stack Stoves

Round Stack Stove

Round Stack has a cylindrical shape. It is available in five models, depending on the type of base:


All models above are available in three versions

1st Size
2nd Size
2nd Size with heat accumulation system

The three versions are characterized by technical features.


Cubi Stack Stoves

Cubi Stack is available in 2 models, depending on the chosen base:wood or slim. Each model is 128cm high. The base measurements vary according to the model. It heats up to 260 m3 with a nominal heat output of 7,5 kW.

Cubistack Stove with Wooden Base

Thermo Stack

Thermo Stack is a stove-radiators heating system (waterstove), revolutionary in architecture and core technology, based on modular components,

highly customizable and easy to assemble. In this way, a set of components can be combined to create stove-radiators systems, different in shapes, colors, architecture and power, allowing the user a high level of customization of the product, according to his needs.

The optimization of the production processes, in addition to the technical excellence of this heating system patented, allow to define this product as environmentally friendly because it combines, with great attention, all those quality, performance and durability ingredients that are the basis of a true green economy.

Mini Stack

Mini Stack keeps the wooden base, legacy of the ancient stoves tradition of Castellamonte that characterises the entire Stack line. Its measurements are: cm 58 x 56 x 107h , as indicated on our technical information page and in the Stack Stoves catalogue. It heats up to 200 m3 with a nominal heat output of 6 kW.
Mini Stack has the following certifications:

  • CE
  • BimSchV2 (Germany)
Mini Stack Stove

Cookin Stack

Cookin Stack Stove

Contact Us About A Stack Stove

Cookin Stack reinterprets the ancient tradition of Castellamonte ceramic stoves, being a contemporary stove attentive to new housing needs of low environmental impact, to rediscover the pleasure of “wood” cooking, according to times and methods of the oldest culinary culture.
It keeps the wooden base, legacy of the ancient stoves tradition of Castellamonte that characterises the entire Stack line. Its measurements are: cm 65 x 56 x 90h , as in the Stack Stoves catalogue. It heats up to 180 m3 with a nominal heat output of 4,5 kW.
Cookin Stack has the following certifications:

  • CE
  • BimSchV2 (Germany)