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NEFF home appliances unleashing your creativity in the Kitchen

People are inspired by cooking, and that’s a key motivator for NEFF. Offering an extensive range of beautiful and intelligent home appliances, you can always count on NEFF to help your creativity thrive in the kitchen. Whether you’re making a three-course banquet to impress friends or baking something sweet to share with the family, a NEFF kitchen has everything you need to fully explore your culinary imagination.


NEFF’s widespread collection of cooking appliances ensure even the most trickiest meals are cooked to perfection – from innovative products designed to make a style statement to the unique Slide&Hide® oven with disappearing door. NEFF cooking appliances aren’t just limited to Ovens either – they’ve also designed an impressive range of Hobs, Compact & Microwave Ovens, Hoods, and Warming Drawers, so you can complete the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of.


You’ll always find fresh, seasonal ingredients in a NEFF kitchen. Quality storage of these foods is essential, so they’ve put it at the heart of all their models – from sleek, integrated fridge freezers which match your kitchen units beautifully, to large American-style versions built for hungrier families.

No matter your needs, NEFF cooling appliances will keep your fruit, vegetables, or herbs both crisper and fresher longer.


If you’re a cookaholic, then NEFF dishwashers are made for you.
NEFF dishwashers make quick work of caramelised grill pans, stubborn baking tray spills and marked oven dishes, making them sparkle in no time.
You can even choose from two sizes, 45 cm and 60 cm, to find the perfect model for you and your kitchen.


Whether it's a sauce splattered shirt or a dirty dish towel, whatever your laundry basket contains you need an appliance you can rely on to both clean and care for your clothes. NEFF washers and dryers have an answer to all of your individual needs.

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