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Gaggenau Ovens

See Our Gaggenau Ovens 

Ovens are the heart of the professional, as well as the private, kitchen. The capacious EB 333, sculptural 400 series and flush 200 series each provide extraordinary and distinct baking experiences. 

Gaggenau Ovens

EB 333

An aspiration of the private chef, and the professional chef at home, the EB oven has been a culinary icon for over 30 years. This oven is a 90 cm testament to the Gaggenau difference, its heritage and traditional avant-garde.

Ovens 400 series

The handle-free doors proudly protrude from the wall and are opened by a simple touch of the intuitive TFT touch display. Expansive in both size and capability, the 400 series offers an exceptional range of ovens, combi-steam ovens, combi-microwaves and warming drawers

Ovens 200 series

Sitting flush to the kitchen surface, these ovens make a bold statement. Choose from three finishes: Gaggenau Anthracite, Gaggenau metallic or Gaggenau silver. An exceptional oven that fits into a standard 60 cm niche…

Gaggenau Refrigeration

See Our Gaggenau Refrigeration 

A fully integrated, built-in modular family: refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and
wine climate cabinets can be partnered in a multitude of ways to create an impressive display.
Should you wish them to stand out, you can even customise the effect with the addition of
stainless steel doors.

Vario 400 series

A fully integrated, built-in modular family: refrigerators, freezers, fridge-freezer combinations and wine climate cabinets that can be partnered in a multitude of ways, their design creates an impressive display.

Vario 200 series

Fitting within standard integrated spaces, this range has up to four climate zones, Gastronorm insert shelving and fresh cooling drawers close to 0 °C. Fully-extendable shelves and smooth running drawers mean all that clever space is easy to access.

Gaggenau Hobs/Cooktops

See Our Gaggenau Hobs

There is a cooktop for every space and each private chef. The versatility of flex induction, induction, gas or glass ceramic cooktops can be combined with downdraft ventilation and the more specialised electric grill or Teppan Yaki. Singularly or combined in the Vario models, all are crafted to inspire the private chef. Whether flush or surface mounted, the expansive, professional Vario cooktops 400 series or the compact, understated Vario cooktops 200 series will transform the cooking space.

Vario 400

Create a cohesive work surface by combining modular cooktops and ventilation appliances controlled by the illuminated stainless steel knobs

400 series

Available in either induction or gas, these appliances are all about providing maximum creative space for the private chef. The full surface induction cooktop offers up to 90 cm

Vario 200

These cooktops form a more compact modular system, ranging in scale from 28 cm to 70 cm. A perfect fusion of state-of-the-art performance

200 series

A range of standalone cooktops from 60 cm to 90 cm, each with a different character – flex induction, induction, gas and glass ceramic

Gaggenau Extractors

As the kitchen becomes a place for both cooking and entertaining, ventilation becomes more vital. Effortless, silent and clever, the ventilation 400 and 200 series capture vapours and odours from a collection of ventilation, which can be controlled manually or automatically, mounted on the wall, within cupboards, above islands or on the cooktop. Everything has been designed with discretion and airflow in mind, creating a system that performs exceptionally and quietly behind the scenes.

400 series

This is architecture for air. Whether table or downdraft ventilation, the 400 series represents the height of clean air management. A bold design aesthetic is maintained throughout.

200 series

The 200 series offers the private chef a determinedly efficient set of options, from the downdraft at counter level through wall-mounted and island hoods to integrated and slide out hoods hidden within kitchen units.

Gaggenau Coffee Machines

The 400 and 200 series of fully automatic espresso machines allow you to prepare coffee to a professional standard within your home. You can create bespoke beverages to cater for the individual preferences of your guests, instantly and with a minimum of effort. These are coffee machines that blend seamlessly into our oven combinations providing streamlined perfection.

400 series

A wide array of coffees and hot milk drinks can be easily created, with the ability to save up to eight of your personalised configurations to memory. Our empty grinding function means you can switch between different bean types without them mixing together

200 series

Our fully automatic espresso machine monitors beans and milk and a warning will appear if you do not have enough of either, so you’ll never be interrupted when preparing a beverage.

Gaggenau Wine Units

Your wine needs to be stored, protected, showcased and prepared for enjoyment. These are competing functions that your wine climate cabinet, equal to a wine cellar, achieves year after year with unflappable aplomb. For serious wine aficionados, wine is a passion bordering on obsession, equalled only by the desire for the ultimate in storage.

Vario 400 series

These wine climate cabinets offer a choice of pull-to-open or handleless push-to-open function, as well as finishes with glass doors framed in either the kitchen’s furniture material or in stainless steel. An interior of stainless steel with fully extendable, oak and anthracite aluminium bottle trays

200 series

The wine climate cabinets are the perfect environment to store and present a wine collection with the dimmable presentation light. Exceptional engineering has gone into making the compartment virtually vibration-free and the cushioned door closing system ensures you do not disturb your remaining collection.

Gaggenau Dishwashers

Treat your crockery to the dishwasher it deserves. The 400 series and 200 series provide clear communication via their TFT displays, as well as handle-free push-to-open doors, projection of the remaining wash cycle time onto the floor and clever loading options for large and precious items. Additionally the 400 series offers a backlit interior that softly illuminates your pristine dishes and Zeolite technology for improved drying performance. This is dishwashing with care and efficiency.

400 series

Liberal with space, powerful and quick, this series of dishwashers is also smart, offering a multitude of washing options, diffuse lighting, a flexible basket system and Home Connect. Zeolite technology enhances drying and decreases the energy consumption.

200 series

Meticulous, careful and clever, the dishwashers 200 series out-perform expectations. Fully integrated or with the control panel on view, this series boasts six programmes, with three adjustable options. The range also contains models offering intelligent technology with Home Connect, integrating your appliance with your smart home system.

Gaggenau Laundry

The Gaggenau washing machine and condenser dryer are the first choice when it comes to fresh laundry. They boast exceptional A+++ energy ratings, have large portholes with doors that open a full 180 degrees and spacious and, well-lit drums so you can load and unload easily. The washing machine offers an intelligent dosage system, while the dryer houses a self-cleaning heat exchanger, heat pump technology and anti-crease cycle. Because you want your clothes to have the best.

Washing Machine

Low water and energy consumption, large volume capacity and an extremely long life are just some of the impressive features our washing machines offer your clothes. They are roomy, providing space for up to 9 kg laundry, and use the intelligent dosage system iDos for automatic in-flow control of liquid detergent and softener. They also have anti-stain and anti-crease programmes, plus a top-up capability. Innovative motor technology improves the performance, increases the durability, consumes less energy and reduces noise. They combine perfectly with our condenser dryer.

Condenser Dryer

The Gaggenau condenser dryer provides space for up to 8 kg laundry. It has a self-cleaning heat exchanger, enabling constantly low energy consumption for maximum convenience. Heat pump technology, energy efficiency class A+++ and humidity- and time-controlled cycles make it an indispensable appliance in every household. It is the perfect companion for our washing machine.

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